Seminar Outline - One Day Workshop

Comedian Dave Barry writes "All of us are born with a set of instinctive fears – of falling, of the dark, fear of lobsters or speaking before a Rotary Club…….." The sheer thought of having to speak extemporaneously to even a small group of colleagues is enough to make the knees buckle on most. Everyday in the work setting we are expected to verbally express the facts, sell our ideas or convey our convictions. Only a few have the composure and the skill to do it well. Yet, exceptional presentation skills are often what make the most significant difference in getting discussions to go our way, or to be perceived as an industry leader.


Our "SPEAK" seminars are designed to help attendees build and expand their confidence, non-verbal communication, and speaking skills.


Seminar Content

•  Impromptu speaking exercises

•  Individual and group voice and diction coaching

•  Non-verbal communication awareness exercises

•  Persuasive speaking and selling exercises

•  Organizing and sequencing your content

Benefits to Participants - You will be:

•  Confident and poised in any speaking situation whether one-on-one or in a group

•  Self-assured during interviews, sales presentations, business meetings

•  Skilled in techniques of persuasion and vocal prowess

•  Secure in your ability to read and adjust to non-verbal communication cues

•  Certain of your skills in using non-verbal communication prompts


Benefits to Business

•  Work with clients persuasively and non-verbally

•  Think and respond quickly but thoughtfully

•  Achieve results


Who Should Attend?

•  Managers

•  Supervisors

•  Executives

•  Administrative Personnel

•  Technical Writers

•  Team Leaders

•  Unit Directors

•  Trainers

•  Sales Staff

•  Anyone who must confront
problems as part of their
job responsibilities


Materials supplied

•  Participant workbook

•  Practice exercises

•  Research material

•  Job aid, quick reference cards

•  Copy of power point slides


Your Turn

In addition to the extensive practice exercises for each phase of the workshop; each participant will create one short informative speech to be performed for the class; the research materials will be available unless the participant wants to bring in their own material.

Editing for Perfection - Powerpoint Presentation

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