Comments from Participants:

"Having suffered through many long boring seminars, I was ready to sleep through this one too. Grammar and Punctuation? How stuffy! Much to my surprise it was fun and interesting; I actually got a lot out of the seminar. The handouts have been a terrific job aid, I use them every day. "

~ E. Grady, Analyst


"The exercises were real life problems to be solved with critical thinking. The best part was when I got to work on problems of my own using the techniques I had just learned. What a great class!"

~ S. Snowden, Account Exec.


"I used to be terrified of speaking in public. Sometimes even talking to one person scared me if it was a real important conversation. I took the Speak Confidently coaching and WOW what a difference. I know how to organize my thoughts and present them. No more dry mouth and shaky knees for me!"

~ K. Liu, Supervisor


"I can't think of a class that has been more helpful to me on the job (and off) than Critical Thinking. I now have strategies I can rely on for problem solving and decision making. Thank you! Thank you!"

~ M. Jarrett, Project Manager


Comments from Training Coordinators:

"I work with many Trainers to present classes to our employees. I have never had such a good experience as this. From the start, Linda made my life easy. She was flexible willing to adjust to our needs for training days and times. All in all, it went off without a hitch. I recommend ThinkWriteSpeak to anyone looking for quality training with no hassle."

~ N. Reynolds, Training Manager


"Over the course of many years of contracting for training for our company, I've grown weary of the Diva attitude of many trainers. What a refreshing change to work with someone who is a real human being!"

~ R. Yancey, Director of Training


"It was a snap! One phone call was all it took. ThinkWriteSpeak not only delivers on the promise, but is an easy company to work with. I recommend them without reservation."

~ L. Carson, Training Coordinator, Domestic Products Division



Comments from Supervisors / Managers after seminar:

"My staff was thrilled with your Grammar and Punctuation seminar. It was exactly what we needed. Having the participants bring their own documents to edit was especially helpful. Thank you and we'll see you next quarter!"

~ M. Rodriguez, Manager, Policy Analyst Division


"I have read the evaluations from the participants in your Critical Thinking seminar. I have never seen such enthusiasm for training! Thank you, and we look forward to your next class."

~ T. Ishaq, Director, Finance

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