Seminar Outline - One Day Workshop

There are those cliches that creep into the business arena every day. "Think outside the box." "Look at the big picture." "Don't just assume." We are bombarded with this rhetoric, yet no one has ever really helped us hone these "thinking" skills. Our "THINK" seminars are designed to help attendees build and expand their thinking skills.


Benefits to Participants - You will learn to:

•  Challenge assumptions

•  Identify the real problem; not be fooled by side-line issues

•  Understand how to respond when confronted with a problem

•  Strategies to actually solve the problem


Seminar Content

•  A strategy for reducing complex problems to simpler terms

•  Five attributes that cause problem-solving blunders

•  Five keys to effective problem solving strategies


Materials Supplied

•  Participant workbook

•  Job aid, quick reference cards

•  Copy of power point slides

Who Should Attend?

•  Managers

•  Supervisors

•  Executives

•  Administrative Personnel

•  Technical Writers

•  Team Leaders

•  Unit Directors

•  Trainers

•  Sales Staff

•  Anyone who must confront problems as part of their job responsibilities


Benefits to Business

•  Problems are actually solved instead of covered over only to erupt again and again

•  Team and individual input is organized and assessed for suitability and usability instead of getting lost in hundreds of yellow sticky-notes

•  Brainstorming that truly provides reasonable solutions instead of wasting time with strutting and jockeying for position


Your Turn

In addition to the extensive practice exercises for each phase of the workshop, participants are asked to bring in two of their own problems/dilemmas, (personal or business) to resolve using their newly acquired critical thinking skills.

Editing for Perfection - Powerpoint Presentation

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