Seminar Content

You will meet with your Coach for two hours a week for eight weeks. During this time you will practice:


•  Week 1. Assessment of speaking skills, presentation of self and content, goal setting for the eight weeks, and exercises

 Week 2. Voice and diction

•  Week 3. Informative speaking: Organizing and sequencing content

•  Week 4. Non-verbal communication awareness exercises

•  Week 5. Informative speaking Performance

•  Week 6. Impromptu speaking

•  Week 7. Persuasive Speaking Preparation

•  Week 8. Persuasive Speech Final Presentation


Materials Supplied

•  Participant workbook

•  Weekly speaking assignment developed with you

•  Job aid, quick reference cards

•  Copy of videos

Why Coaching?

For you to be a leader, to inspire action, be persuasive, and make a difference, you need to set yourself apart and above the crowd. Give yourself the edge, the something unique that others wish for - you deserve it!












Benefits to Participants

Growing up, most of us at one time or another had a "Coach". They helped guide us through the nuances of a sport or "goal achieving" activity. The Coach was responsible for evaluating our skills and assisting us with developing the strengths we needed to reach our optimum level of performance.


Benefits to Business

Coaching can be just as instrumental in the organizational setting. A study reported in the Journal of Public Personnel Management found that training improved managerial activity over 22% - while training plus coaching improved productivity 88%.

Is Personal Coaching right for you? Take this quick quiz and see.

1.  Do you aspire to a greater leadership role?

2.  Do you have good ideas, but feel anxious when presenting your ideas?

3.  Are you looking for training that provides deeper insights and fundamentals?

4.  Are you ready for training that is personal and built around you?

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